July 11, 2019

Blog Introduction

Blog Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my personal blog. This web page seeks to host all my thoughts and ideas on various topics which are interesting.  Informational posts will follow a semi-strict documentation style, but other personal posts will be informal but coherent rambles. I will be posting articles relating to topics within science and technology, sports, health, and more.  


Through this web page my ultimate goal is to provide myself with a chance to reflect on certain activities in life.  Reflection is important to growth because it provides an outlet to critically analyze actions.  Also, reflection is an easy way to track progress.

Another goal I hope to achieve is to provide others with an outlet to view different strategies for learning a variety of topics.  I feel this goal is important because, in my experience, online resources are more concerned with how to do a task rather than how to learn and understand a task.  This lead me to have a false confidence in my knowledge, and slowed my learning.

A final goal for this website is to provide interesting content that readers enjoy. Categories such as "mma" will serve as a journalistic outlet where I will talk (or ramble) about topics I am passionate about

Blog Navigation

To navigate the blog, use the side hamburger menu to choose a topic.  Each topic points to a "tag" which will compile all articles in one spot.  Some tags will not have a menu topic label.  These tags will include things like "coding," as I do not plan to write many posts under these tags.  If you are interested in a tag which is not in the menu, you can find all miscellaneous posts in the "Thoughts" section.

Clicking the "Joshua's Thoughts" header redirects back to the homepage.  On the homepage recent posts are showcased.  If you have any ideas for topics which may be interesting, feel free to email me at "joshuahaddad@ufl.edu" or by messaging me on Twitter.

Future plans - Subscription Listserv

In the future I plan to implement a subscriber listserv to notify users when a new post is made.  For now, my main method to notify readers of a post will be via Twitter.  To follow my Twitter, click the small bird icon in the top right-hand corner or search for me using the handle @TwoDadHaddad

Thank you for taking the time to read through this introduction post.  I hope you find enjoyment from reading this blog!